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Infant Community 12 months to 3 years of age

Our Infant Community program offers children an individualised and engaging experience. We have 5 classrooms that provide stimulating, hands-on and practical activities, which promotes their primary motor coordination, independence and language development.

This age group learns from direct contact with the environment, by means of all the senses, and through movement; the child literally absorbs what is in the environment. Using their senses, infants explore using their experiences to learn about the world around them. For this reason we have created outdoor green spaces and natural learning environments to support the child’s developing senses.

Cycle 1: 2½ years to 6 years of age

The 3 to 6 year old child is engaged in a process of self-construction. Our Cycle 1 Program offers children an exciting learning process of discovery, leading to concentration, motivation, self-discipline, and a love of learning. The application of the Montessori philosophy and the specifically designed Montessori equipment aids the child’s ability to absorb knowledge and continue this path of self-construction.

We have 4 classrooms in Cycle 1 that engage our children in individual or group activities, with materials that have been introduced to them one to one by the Directress, who has observed the child’s individual needs and readiness for further presentations.

We have created specific indoor and outdoor spaces which facilitates the child’s desire for exploration, the development of critical thinking skills and the facilitation of independent learning.


Montessori Curriculum and Areas of Learning

The Montessori curriculum provides a continuum of learning from birth to age 18.

It meets all of the requirements of the national Quality Standards and articulates well with the outcomes of the national Early Years Learning Framework.

Early Years Learning Framework

Montessori Early Years Learning Programme