Our Philosophy

Paramount to our philosophy is that everyone has a voice, and that voice connects our community in meaningful partnerships. Having secure, respectful, and reciprocal relationships with parents, children and stakeholders ensures the views of the community are welcomed and reflected in our practice.

The rights of the child and promotion of inclusivity are embraced and embedded in our mixed age groups and prepared environments. This allows children the freedom to explore, develop and be, within a safe and protected learning landscape. It is this combination which creates stability, consistency and continuity of educators and practices, that present opportunities for individual growth and learning.

The Montessori philosophy and methods of teaching that are embedded in the service, aims to provide opportunities to develop the whole child ultimately preparing the child for life’s many rich experiences. Provocations and learning in natural environments, alongside sustainable strategies, allows the development of the community’s awareness and understanding of conscious environmental practices.

We honour and embrace the diversity of families’ lifestyle choices, cultures, and traditions and acknowledge the depth they bring to our programs. These collaborative relationships underpin our connection to community that drives our constant improvement. We are committed to reconciliation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and embedding the culture of First Nation People into our programs.

We believe that every child and educator can achieve their fullest potential through nurturing happy and healthy minds, hearts, and bodies. Our partnerships and professional collaborations, both within and outside the team, guides ongoing learning and reflective practices, which is critical to the wellbeing of our community. Our committed and knowledgeable staff, contribute to the confidence and success of Avenues Montessori, which inevitably supports the learning for life mindset we wish foster.