Our Philosophy

Our scientifically based educational philosophy follows the principles and practices developed by Dr.Maria Montessori, an analytical thinker, active educator, progressive educational reformer and child activist.

Paramount to our philosophy is the view that all children develop into healthy and independent beings from an environment which is nurturing, and from relationships that are loving and secure. We also see that strong collaborative relationships with our families and connecting with those within the wider community, are imperative for supporting the development of the whole child.

Essentially, we see education as an “aid to life”, believing that every child has an instinctive intelligence and desire to learn and succeed, given that he has the correct environment and support.

Our approach to early childhood education and care centres on designing an environment where children develop into autonomous learners. Our Montessori educators acknowledge the power of the young child’s “absorbent mind” and the need to prepare an ordered environment that encompasses an understanding of the “sensitive periods” for learning skills like language and movement.

Our comprehensive pedagogy is an outcomes-based approach to learning, which emphasis how we move from content (what is taught), to outcome (what a child will be able to do, know and think), and to the child’s physical, social and emotional well-being. This contributes to our fundamental goal for the child of a sound and active learner who is balanced, autonomous in his environment, and self-assured.

We believe that by creating a supportive and nurturing setting, we are able to provide an environment where children feel safe and are engaged with their surroundings, enabling them to navigate their way through life and to have the opportunity to grow into the person they are destined to be.