Fees and Rebate

Fee Schedule

Enrolment Fee: $80(non-refundable)

This enrolment fee is due when a place is offered.


Attendance Fee for Montessori Programs

  • 2 Days: $344 per week
  • 3 Days: $516 per week
  • 5 Days: $835 per week

Note the above fees include for:

  • All meals throughout the day, which are prepared by our Avenues Chef. (This kitchen has been awarded a 5 star rating by Brisbane City Council).
  • Cloth Nappies and off site laundering
  • Sunscreen

Fees are payable at the conclusion of each weeks of attendance. Fees apply for all days booked including Public Holidays and Sick Days for the full 52 weeks of a calendar year. Fees must be paid by established direct debit from a nominated bank account using the Service’s “Qikkids” system.

The Children’s House operates between 7am to 6pm daily. Fees are calculated as a full day of attendance irrespective of whether a child utilises all of the available daily hours.


Bond (6 x the weekly fee amount)

  • 2 Days Program ($172 daily rate x 2 amount of days x 4 weeks) $1,376
  • 3 Day Program ($172 daily rate x 3 amount of days x 4 weeks) $2,064
  • 5 Day Program ($167 daily rate x 5 amount of days x 4 weeks) $3,440

It is a requirement that parents give at least 4 weeks notice in writing to the Children’s House Director to terminate their enrolment agreement.

Once notice has been given, the bond amount held by the Children’s House will be used as payment for the final 4 weeks of attendance. Parents who fail to give 4 weeks written notice will forfeit the entire bond money.


Equipment & Sustainability Levy

An annual Equipment & Sustainability Levy is required to cover: ongoing care; maintenance repair of materials and equipment; and green spaces and products that reduces our carbon footprint.

  • 2 Day & 3 Day Programs incur a Levy of $400 – 2 days and $500 for 3 days for the year
  • 5 Day Program incurs a Levy of $800 for the year

The full Equipment & Sustainability Levy is to be paid prior to commencement of your child’s attendance at the Children’s House and will be pro-rated for any enrolments that occur after the commencement of the Calendar year. Please note that this Levy is not claimable through Childcare Subsidy scheme.


What subsidy can I Access?

All Programs will be registered for Child Care Subsidy scheme that are available to families through the Family Assistance Office.

More information can be viewed at:

Family Assistance Office: 136150


On Enrolment

On your orientation visit to the Children’s House you will receive your enrolment pack which includes the following items:

  • A set of sheets
  • A hat
  • 2 Wet Bags
  • Parent Handbook

All these items will be given to you in a Reusable Hessian Bag for you and your child to bring your belongings into the Children House or to reuse at your convenience. (PLEASE ENSURE THAT ALL ITEMS ARE NAMED CLEARLY)